Hacked road sign alerts motorists of Godzilla Attack in San Francisco

If you thought Californian traffic was bad before, just wait until Godzilla comes to town. Residents of San Francisco had a treacherous commute on Wednesday. A road sign gave dire warnings including “Godzilla attack!” and “Turn back.”

Fortunately, this wasn’t the real deal, which the U.S. Air Force revealed it’s preparing for at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.

The unknown prankster followed up their act by altering the hacked sign the following day to read “It’s Too Damn Hot” and “City Closed.”

A similar prank was done involving zombies in Austin, Texas. Officials there warned the misdemeanor is no joke and punishable with a monster-sized fine. Several television stations were also infected by a zombie prank when the Emergency Alert System (EAS) was hacked.

Not every Godzilla prank is illegal or dangerous. A Virginian weatherman used his last day at work to have fun with the forecast. He predicted Godzilla would deflect a global super storm, which he must have considering the state is still standing.