Simpsons LEGO special trailer - Brick Like Me (Homer and Lisa build castle)

Fox has released the official trailer for The Simpsons LEGO special “Brick Like Me.” It’s a lot less steamy than previous teases that included a LEGO sex scene between Homer and Marge.

Something is different about Homer but he just can’t put his finger on it… because he doesn’t have fingers. He and the rest of Springfield have been transformed into LEGO versions of themselves!

It all starts when Homer buys Lisa a LEGO castle set called Perky Patty’s Princess Shop. Despite the girlie name he enjoys building it but father and daughter aren’t the only ones bonding.

Simpsons LEGO special trailer - Brick Like Me (Homer and Marge visit Comic Book Guy to buy Perky Patty's Princess Shop)

LEGO Homer is seemly the only one who can sense something’s wrong. He gets flashes of the real world and must decide if he wants to go back or stay in the safe plastic world where everyone fits in.

Nearly the entire episode was done in CG to create the LEGO effect. It’s the most expensive episode ever, which you call tell from the fact they released a trailer rather than just a clip like usual.

The Simpsons LEGO special premieres Sunday 8 p.m. on Fox.