Wil Wheaton Project composes a Walking Dead theme song (zombie Hershel head decapitated)

The Wil Wheaton Project is a weekly look at all things nerd. Even the host couldn’t believe that Syfy (home of WWE’s SmackDown) gave him his own TV show. Turns out, they didn’t. Chris Hardwick revealed he’s the real host and it’s actually called The Talking The Wil Wheaton Project, which analyzes the show while it’s still airing.

Wheaton was initially angry but Hardwick insisted he only wanted to help his longtime friend succeed. The former UCLA roommates held hands and introduced a new Walking Dead theme song. It’s a parody of those classic music intros of a bygone era that summarize the show with a catchy jingle.

Wil Wheaton Project composes a Walking Dead theme song (walkers)

Walking Dead theme song lyrics:

Sometimes life ain’t just a walk in the park. You find yourself lost more than Lewis and Clark. But you could lose your head and you got nothing left to lose. Shoot your mom in the face. Put a girl in her place. Kill your BFF. He banged your wife anyway. If he calls himself the Governor, you better run for cover. He’s baddest motherfucker around. The Walking Dead kills everyone. It doesn’t matter who you fuck you like. Could be you. You know, stabbed in the head, stabbed in the head. Cause the last time we checked the show was called The Walking Dead.

Wheaton posted a bloopers video with the men holding hands for an uncomfortable amount of time while flubbing their lines.

“I’m grateful to my network for giving me permission to do this, and I hope that it’s only the beginning of me getting to share all sorts of stuff from the show that doesn’t make it into the final cut,” he wrote on his website.

This isn’t the first such parody. A Full House rendition of the Supernatural theme song aired when the Winchesters were sucked into the TV in “Changing Channels.”


Chris pointed out in the comments that The Walking Dead theme song is a dead ringer for the Step by Step theme song. It even sounds like they used the same singers, who could surely use the work after the unfortunate death of this television tradition.

The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesday 10 p.m. on Syfy.

The Wil Wheaton Project episode 1 (Walking Dead parody begins at 7:20):