Brian Williams Raps Baby Got Back on Tonight Show

Newsman Brian Williams made an unscheduled appearance for opening week of The Tonight Show in Orlando. Jimmy Fallon did an ongoing skit called “Brian Williams raps” in which actual newscasts are edited for snippets of words to make it appear as though he’s rapping.

Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

This time Williams gave us his rendition of the 90s hit “Raps Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. It featured a clip of him reporting about Kim Jong-un, former sexiest man alive.

“I wanna get you home. And ugh, double-up, ugh, ugh,” he rapped.

Williams got some backup from the girls of NBC Today singing “Me so horny.”

Seeing the respected journalist rap about big butts was without a doubt the greatest thing ever. Fallon symbolically dropped the mic for him.