Catlateral Damage is the perfect cat simulator game

Catlateral Damage is a first person cat simulator inspired by creator Chris Chung’s own mischievous cat, Nippy. The object of the game is knock over items by swatting at them. Tear up rooms around the neighborhood until you reach a mansion with a safe holding a valuable possession… well, valuable to a cat. Play as multiple cats with different levels of abilities like strength and jumping. Get a power up by finding catnip.

A short demo allows you to play as Nippy in 2 timed levels as well as a free play area. Items respawn so you’ll never run out of things to destroy like some very cool retro games.

Increase the field of view under the options to give the game a more animalistic perspective.

The full game is being crowdfunded with a Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised $32k of its $40k goal by July 11. Receive a free copy of the game with a $12 pledge. If you have some extra scratch, you can get rewards like an in-game poster of your own cat or dog but the latter is more expensive and it must be an unflattering picture because these fat cats are smart. You can even play as your cat for a pledge of $500.

Catlateral Damage release date: November.