Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS poster by Vincent Van Gogh

The Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS poster is a reproduction of the Vincent van Gogh painting seen in the explosive episode “The Pandorica Opens.” Van Gogh creates the prophetic painting as warning to the Doctor that his time traveling blue box known as the TARDIS will exploded and destroy the universe. An alien alliance attempts to prevent the disaster by trapping the Time Lord inside the Pandorica, which is actually what causes it. Fortunately, the Doctor saves universe by piloting the Pandorica into the explosion and igniting a second Big Bang.

In other words, this timeless masterpiece simultaneously represents the beginning and end of the universe. The distinctive swirls are reminiscent of The Starry Night. It’s instantly recognizable as a van Gogh and a great conversation piece. Just be careful not to talk their ears off!

The Exploding TARDIS is available for pre-order in two sizes: standard poster (36-inches long x 24-inches wide) for $7.99 and door poster (62-inches long x 21-inches wide) for $10.99.