No Man's Sky game spaceship

No Man’s Sky is without a doubt the biggest game of E3. It’s an exploration game on a universal scale, which is a giant leap for its indie game developer Hello Games (Joe Danger).

The near infinite universe is procedurally generated. That means the clouds aren’t drawn by an artist. They’re generated by weather based on an algorithm Managing Director Sean Murray told Rev3Games.

Explore countless worlds to discover plant and animal life. All of which is cataloged and uploaded to your fellow explorers. Essentially, writing “FIRST” all over the universe.

No Man’s Sky is a video game to die for

“This isn’t some passive ambient experience where you just explore,” Murray inists. “And it isn’t some utopia necessarily, you know? Though there are some place like that. This is a dangerous world.”

Those dangers have real consequences. The game will feature permanent death.

“And one mistake could see you lose everything. In No Man’s Sky, every victory and every defeat is permanent,” according to the official website.

Beyond just surviving, Murray says the overall goal of the game will be to make it the center of the universe, which he compares to the “deepest level of a dungeon.” Each player begins on a random planet of the outer edge of the universe. The deeper you travel, the older and more dangerous the worlds.

But this isn’t a hero’s quest. You’re just a regular guy… with a spaceship.

No Man’s Sky release date: 2015 on PS4 and PC.