Falling Skies game and propaganda promos

TNT has created some out of this world promos for Falling Skies season 4.

An old school 8 bit side-scroller recaps the first 3 seasons with 3 stages: Skitters, Overlord and the Grid. Unfortunately, it’s not playable but there is a more modern version available for iPhone and Android. Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare is a strategy game that lets you play as the human or aliens.

Falling Skies Documentary web series

A propaganda video for Camp Espheni features hidden subliminal messages like “Obey” reminiscent of They Live. The brainwashed campers promise to turn their parent in to the aliens. Ben Mason is kidnapped and recruited into a similar reeducation camp in the season premiere “Ghost in the Machine.”

Falling Skies airs Sunday 10 p.m. on TNT.