Housekeeper from Hell refuses to move out after being fired (Family Guy Consuela - Diane Stretton)
Peter Griffin chloroforms Consuela the maid and drops her off at a neighbor’s house when she refuses to leave.  (Family Guy “Dog Gone”)


A California family is regretting their decision to hire a housekeeper in exchange for room and board. Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte say 64-year-old Diane Stretton started out like the Brady Bunch‘s Alice but ended up like Family Guy‘s Consuela, whose catchphrase is “no.”

Stretton suddenly informed them she had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and could no longer work but she refused to leave her room except to come out for food.

The Bracamonte family tried to have the squatter physically removed from the house but police informed them it was a civil matter and that they would have to evict her. The legal process could take weeks to months depending on whether the tenant cooperates, which is unlikely. Stretton is on the Vexatious Litigant List for filing frivolous lawsuits against her own family. Not surprisingly, she also has nowhere else to go. Prior to landing the job, she was homeless according to her friend Kimberly Whitcomb, who stays at the Riverside homeless shelter.

In the meantime, the family is attempting to make their home unlivable by inviting over friends, cancelling the internet and even putting a lock on the fridge. Their strategy seems to be working. Stretton was spotted sleeping in her car double-parked at a police station.