The Inbetweeners 2 trailer reveals the sequel will be more of the same sexual escapades and wild parties. The lads go on holiday with Jay (James Buckley), who’s taking a gap year in Australia.

“Australia is the sex capital of world,” Jay explains to them. “You know why they call it Down Under because that’s where your face spends most of the time.”

He’s usually all-talk but the trailer shows him actually living up to his catchphrase “She’d get it.”
And what woman could resist his bitchin’ ride the Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit, a hatchback with naked women painted all over it. Then again for all we know, the habitual liar is paying the ladies to impress his friends.

The Inbetweeners 2 trailer Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll - Will (Simon Bird) and Katie (Emily Berrington)

Will (Simon Bird), on the other hand, never seems to have trouble getting laid despite being the nerd of the group. In spite of his pervy friends, he once again manages to charm yet another pretty blonde named Katie (Emily Berrington).

“Be careful, Will. Muff before mates is actually a crime in Australia,” warns Neil (Blake Harrison), who is clearly as gullible as ever. This British version of ‘bros before hos’ is undoubtedly a scheme by Jay to improve his odds with the ladies.

Simon (Joe Thomas) is still with Lucy (Tamla Kari), who he ignored the entire first movie before settling for her. Now he’s desperate to get away from his clingy girlfriend.

The boys’ love lives aren’t their only problem. While recklessly driving in the Outback they pass an ominous road sign warning about gravel roads. A previously released teaser shows them messing with some Aborigines, which they’ll probably regret when the inevitably crash.

The Inbetweeners 2 release date: August 6.