Jennifer Lopez dances in tight dress on Tonight Show

Jennifer Lopez’s tight pants skit on The Tonight Show went viral but everyone will be talking about the tight dress during her appearance for the show’s opening week in Orlando.

Lopez wore a backless and nearly frontless dress that showed off her ample cleavage that somehow stayed in place despite some bouncing up and down in her chair. Perhaps they were held in place by the frisky shadows, which you can see in the obligatory Jennifer Lopez GIF.

Jennifer Lopez breasts dancing on Tonight-Show

Keenen Ivory Wayans also stopped by and pointed out that Lopez got her started as one of the Fly Girls on In Living Color. Back then she was overdressed for her audition. The dancer showed up in overalls and combat boots but she had the moves.

Unfortunately, Lopez didn’t get the chance to show those moves. Fallon asked her to tango, then he stole the rose and the limelight. She angrily walked out but later came back to perform so the both of them were clearly big fakes.