Kate Middleton is a royal pain in the ass (Lance Stephenson blowing)
The British bend over backs to respect the privacy of the Royal Family but foreign press aren’t as kind. Kate Middleton’s royal rump graced the pages of the German newspaper Bild. While on a tour Down Under, her dress was lifted up by a gust of wind reportedly from her helicopter; however, Indiana Pacers’ Lance Stephenson whereabouts have yet to be unaccounted for.

Kat Middleton butt CanadaThe completely innocent photo was taken accidentally by Diane Morel, a Blue Mountains travel agent. She didn’t notice it until she returned home. Morel says she’ll donate the money to the Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund, a cause that Kate and William embraced during their trip to Australia.

This is not the first time the Duchess has been caught flashing photographers. Another strong wind supplied an upskirt shot on a tour of Canada in 2011 (left). The following year, a French court filed an injunction against Closer magazine requiring them to surrender topless photos of Kate sunbathing at a private chateau.

The Royal Family are once again considering legal action but in the meantime the Duchess will have a female bodyguard to block any shots of her backside and hopefully put this whole controversy behind her.