Relatively skinny Chris Christie dances on the Tonight Show

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance on The Tonight Show to show off his new waistline, which is now around his armpits. Jimmy Fallon and Christie wore dad pants to demonstrate The Evolution of Dad Dancing, a recurring skit featuring embarrassing dances.

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing

Most of the dance moves were just everyday actions like the “Belt grabber” which involves lifting the dad pants even higher. Christie rocked out to Springsteen doing the obligatory fist pump and air guitar (still not dances).

The Governor walked out though, when Fallon did the “This Bridge is Closed” dance in reference to the Bridgegate scandal of which he was exonerated. He immediately returned when Springsteen came on again.

Christie later sat down with the host, who congratulated him on his weight loss but the congeniality didn’t last long. Christie revealed that he received an official Father of the Year award but only one of his four sons bothered to show up for the ceremony. Fallon joked that at least he got to eat 3 more plates of food. Christie had the last laugh. The potential presidential candidate said his likely rival Hillary Clinton would lose to him… in a dance off.