Seth Meyers reads between the lines of Hillary Clinton's book

Hillary Clinton hasn’t announced her intention to run for president but she dropped some not-so subtle hints in her new book Hard Choices. Late Night host Seth Meyers got an advance copy and pointed to some telling passages.

Hillary recalls loving to running as child and predicts she’ll still love it in 2016. The book is all about the possible glass ceiling breaking first female president of the United States. She goes on to say that she’s proud of her daughter’s choices even ones she hasn’t made yet.

“Chelsea has turned into such a smart woman,” Meyers read aloud. “I don’t know who she’ll vote for in 2016 but whoever it is I’m sure she’ll be wonderful (wink).”

The last page is more blunt. It’s simply a presidential ballot filled out for Hillary in a match up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.