Seth Myers plays classic video game console JORBUS (M.A.L.F.)

Late Night host Seth Meyers reminisced about his childhood on Tuesday’s show. Meyers brought out the rare (i.e.; fake) vintage video game console called the JORBUS, which consists of toy steering wheel, an old brick style cell phone and a handheld microphone among other junk.

The funny thing is that as absurd as the games sound, they’d make for great indie games.

Seth Myers plays classic video game console JORBUS games (MALF)


New York City Apartment – Realistic role-playing game, in which players catch brown water leaking from ceiling, squash bedbugs and kill cockroach who’s also your landlord.
Kiss Maze – Navigate Gene Simmons’ tongue through a maze.
Substitute Teacher – Attempt to get students what page they left off on while avoiding spitballs. You lose when you give in and play a movie.
Cats – Click pictures of cats to hear a variety of meows.
Drinking Alone in the Woods – Drink alone in the woods while covering your face in shame.
M.A.L.F. – Blue ALF that eats dogs while yelling Ronald Reagan quotes instead of jokes.
Titanic Coward – Play as a rich man on the Titanic and collect money from abandoned rooms, then dress as a woman and jump over swimming passengers to get to the lifeboat.