Space Dandy season 2 trailer debuts in Japan

The universe’s worst alien hunter returns this July for Space Dandy season 2. The Japanese trailer is noticeably lacking a couple things but Dandy hasn’t forsaken his beloved Boobies. A brief scene shows the lecher visiting his favorite space breastaurant and toasting himself!

Space Dandy season 2 Boobies

Dandy discovers the existence of parallel universes in the opening episode “I Can’t Be the Only One, Baby.” Each universe contains an alternate version of the Aloha Oe crew: Dandy (Ian Sinclair), QT (Alison Viktorin) and Meow (Joel McDonald). There’s even some gender bending versions of the crew, which means a male version of Boobies, baby daddy.

Space Dandy Male Boobies (I Can't Be the Only One, Baby)

Space Dandy season 2 premieres 12:30 a.m. Saturday, July 5th on Toonami (Cartoon Network).

Space Dandy vs Booby monster