Toonami Intruder eats TOM again

Toonami has aired the first teaser trailer for Intruder 2, a sequel to the eight-part series that introduced a new version of the programing block’s robotic mascot, T.O.M. 2.0 (voiced by Steve Blum). The spaceship Absolution encounters a mysterious vessel that sets off the intruder alert. T.O.M. is shown floating in space and his severed arm is seen inside the red blob that devoured the original robot. We’re certain to get a new model (making it T.O.M. 6.0) as well other changes like another ship redesign and new helper bots known as Clydes.

Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #Intruder2 on social media to gauge interest and help determine the length of the series.

Intruder 2 airs in 2015.