John Oliver calls on Russia to save space geckos

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was particularly depressing this week due to seemingly insurmountable problems like the war in Gaza and Ukraine but the host suggested we start small by rescuing geckos trapped in space. Russia sent one male and four female geckos into space to study the effects of zero gravity on mating but lost communication with the satellite. They claim communication has been reestablished; however, Oliver isn’t buying it. He thinks Putin will just buy some pet shop geckos and pass them off as the real thing. He’s encouraging people to contact President Putin directly via his official website.

“Go Get Those Geckos!” he chanted.

“How are we going to do it?” he asked. “I don’t know. I’m not a space pornographer. Maybe a net of some sort or a magnet.”

The campaign already has the support of celebrities Regis Philbin, Richard Branson, Buzz Aldrin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tim Gunn and Patrick Stewart using the hashtag #GoGetThoseGeckos.