In the two years since the “All Out War” story arc ended, Rick has built a thriving community at Alexandria. Negan and The Saviors may have lost the war but the spoils will be his according to three panel preview of The Walking Dead #129.

Negan gets rematch on The Walking Dead #129

“You’re just getting things ready for me,” Negan says from behind bars. “You know I won’t be in here forever.”

He’s presumably talking to Rick or Dwight, the new leader of The Saviors. The second panel suggests his prison break will involve Magna, the leader of the newest group to join Alexandria. In the previous issue, she says the town seems to good be true and believes they’re hiding something. Perhaps Negan tricks her into thinking Rick is the bad guy. The final panel shows a wagon leaving town that could be his escape vehicle. However, the panels appear to be out of order and may be unrelated. The wagon could be for something else entirely like a hearse.

“Even now, they still find new ways to dispose of the dead,” teases the plot.

The Walking Dead #129 release date: July 9.

The Walking Dead 129 cover