Animated Doctor Who opening starring 12th Doctor

Artist Stephen Byrne has has done it again with a fan-made animated opening for Doctor Who season 8 starring the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman). Byrne made news recently with his Disney Doctor Who art piece featuring all 13 incarnations of the Time Lord as Disney princes.

Disney Doctor Who

The animation and music is reminiscent of another Disney cartoon, Gravity Falls. It opens
with the Twelfth Doctor running past portraits of all the Doctors except the War Doctor. The first two Doctors are in black-and-white just as they originally appeared. The Doctor and his impossibly cute companion encounter an array of aliens: Weeping Angel, Adipose, Silent, Dalek, Cyberman and K-9. There’s even a dinosaur like in the actual trailer for the new season, which premieres later this month.

If it’s too cute for your tastes, travel back in time with the Third Doctor in a Doctor Who anime.