Grand Theft Auto V allows you to kill prostitutes, cops and now zombies!? Rumors of zombie DLC started after source code was discovered with a DLC check for “SPZOMBIES” that supposedly indicates single player zombies. There is also an option to play as Trevor or Dead. Hopefully, if you play as Dead you can pick up zombie strippers and zombie prostitutes.

There will be an announcement in the October issue of Playstation Official Magazine (UK) covering zombie themed video games including a piece on Dead Island 2.

“Ruuuuun! It’s a… zombie outbreak featuring: Resident Evil, Dying Light, H1Z1, The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto V?!” the magazine cover teases.

The GTA 5 zombie DLC could be pretty expansive based on previous releases from the publisher. Rockstar Games released a standalone disc for Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. A similar move might be behind the delay of GTA V Heists DLC, which was supposed to be released in the Spring.

The magazine has no new information just more rumors but there’s already a zombie in the game it reveals. The Vinewood zombie is actually a struggling street performer, who is surprisingly talkative.

“It’s a postmodern thing,” he explains. “I’m like, a self aware zombie. Like it’s, it’s a commentary on the proliferation of zombies in culture.”

GTA 5 zombie DLC confirmed Playstation magazine