Homer Simpson takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Star Wars Tauntaun Wampa

You know the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is catching on when even fictional characters are taking the plunge. Homer Simpson challenges Lenny, Donald Trump and Flanders (twice) then pours a glass of water on himself and pretends to be cold. Of course, Bart doesn’t let his old man off the hook. The mischievous boy flies in a helicopter and dumps cold themed items including blocks of ice, penguins, polar bear, hockey team, snowman, Santa Claus and his elves, Tauntauns and a Wampa from Star Wars, ice cream and the ice cream truck!

“Fight ALS,” squeaks the crushed man.

Unfortunately, Homer’s sacrifice didn’t work. It seems pouring ice water on yourself doesn’t cure disease but that didn’t stop Marge Simpson from taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.