NEWS ALERT Venture Bros season 6 teaser

The Guild of Calamitous Intent represents all supervillains. Its reach knows no bounds. They hack into the Venture Bros. season 6 teaser, which is basically just a series of dubious reviews touting the new season. The Guild issues a news alert on a masked crimefighter wielding a wide assortment of gadgets and “a larger, possibly more deadly friend.” Their not-so secret identities are obviously Dr. Venture and either Brock Samson or Sergeant Hatred.

The Henchmen insist that you do not approach them without a “deadly compliment of full-ranged weapons.” They spend the rest of the time arguing which weapon is better, a flamethrower or rocket-launcher. Clearly, a flamethrower but not the blowtorch kind.

The new season blasts off with a half-hour special set on the newly rebuilt Gargantua-2 space station. Nearly every character from the Ventureverse will make an appearance according to the press release.

The teaser confirms appearances by Phantom Limb and the Monarch but sadly no Brick Frog, a supervillain who wears a frog costume and throws bricks. Brick Frog was quickly dismissed when he auditioned for The Revenge Society in “Bright Lights, Dean City.” It also promises the “return of a beloved character,” which can only be Henchman 24, the murdered friend of Henchman 21.

Venture Bros. season 6 special premieres this Fall on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network.