Orlando Jones takes Bullet Bucket Challenge for Ferguson

Sleepy Hollow‘s Orlando Jones is co-opting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to wake up people about Ferguson becoming what he calls a war zone. The actor showers himself with a bucket of bullets that symbolize martyrs for civil rights such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.

“It seems to stem from some militarized police force threatening the rights of people to assemble,” he explained motivation behind the Bullet Bucket Challenge.

Whether they’re packing a handgun or a machine gun, the police do have the right to arrest protesters. The First Amendment is not unlimited, any more than the Second Amendment. The government can set up free speech zones to regulate the time, place and manner as ruled by the Supreme Court. Even the ACLU points out a myriad of exceptions to the right to protest including blocking traffic and pedestrians.

“My ‘bullet bucket challenge’ is not about pointing fingers and it’s not about being angry,” Jones wrote on Tumblr.

Jones challenges himself to “listen without prejudice” but then goes on to cast officer Darren Wilson as the villain without ever hearing his side.

“If (and hopefully when) Michael Brown’s killer is brought to justice and convicted of 1st degree murder, it still won’t prevent this from happening again,” he wrote echoing the hashtag #JusticeForMichaelBrown.

You would think someone who espouses legal rights would respect the presumption of innocence. Ironically, it sounds a lot like a lynching along the lines of the Old West mentality: “We’re gonna give him a fair trial. Then we’ll hang him.”

Jones concluded by quoting JFK misquoting Dante’s Inferno: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

Will you take the Bullet Bucket Challenge or are you going to hell with me?