Rob Lowe is the King of Shark Week

The Discovery Channel is ushering in Shark Week with a surreal promo featuring sexy lifeguard Rob Lowe water skiing on sharks in slow motion while throwing chum into the water. A mermaid clings onto his leg as the sharks eat everything in sight. It ends with the actor coining a new catchphrase “so sharky.”

“I will not rest or even eat (with the exception of fruit pies) until ‘So sharky’ is the new ‘swaggy.'” Lowe tweeted.

Rob Lowe is the King of Shark Week

I couldn’t quite put my finger on why this promo resonated with me so strongly until I realized that it was clearly inspired by the original King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman. The Super Friends cartoon featured a similar scene with Aquaman water skiing on dolphins and flying fish.

A lifeguard riding sharks in slow motion… it’s Aquaman meets Baywatch! The only way it could be better is if they made a version with Pamela Anderson or one of the other Baywatch Babes (maybe next year).

Aquaman water skiing on dolphins and flying fish

The Discovery Channel is angling for its biggest Shark Week ever. It will feature a record 13 specials covering every kind of shark imaginable such as zombie sharks, alien sharks and even prehistoric sharks!

Discovery will re-air Megalodon: The Monster Shark, a 2-hour special that investigates a fictional attack on a boat by a 60 foot shark. It will be followed by the premiere of Megalodon: the New Evidence. Judging by the title, it will be presented in a similar style to Mermaids: The New Evidence, a fake documentary that aired as part of Monster Week on Animal Planet.

“In April 2013, a fishing vessel off the coast of South Africa was attacked, killing all on board,” the press release reads. “A TV crew documented Marine Biologist Collin Drake as he worked to determine the predator responsible. Megalodon: The New Evidence presents Shark Week viewers with shocking new evidence and interview footage.”

There have been complaints about a supposedly educational channel airing what is essentially Syfy programming but I for one am eagerly anticipating the sequel: Megalodon vs. Mermaids.

Megalodon: the New Evidence premieres Friday 10 PM, Aug 15 on Discovery Channel.

Shark Week starts Sunday 8 PM, Aug 10 on Discovery Channel.