Robot Chicken Chipotle Miserables Mad Scientist son Dark Meat

Robot Chicken and the Mad Scientist have been mortal enemies from the beginning but they put aside their differences for the greater good in the Robot Chicken season finale “Chipotle Miserables.”

Their feud started in the original opening credits. The Mad Scientist kidnapped the Chicken and turned him into a cyborg to be use him as a literal captive audience. He straps him to a chair in front of a wall of televisions endlessly playing clips from the show. Robot Chicken escaped in the season 5 finale and traded places with his captor in the season 6 opening.

Robot Chicken Chipotle Miserables Presidents Obama Clinton Bush Carter

The Mad Scientist’s son finds his father being held prisoner in the season 7 finale. Rather than help him, Mad Scientist Jr. removes his only remaining eye to use on a retinal scanner that unlocks the laboratory. He creates an army of cyborgs to help him ransom presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. The presidents are also forced to watch the show as a form of torture but W. actually enjoys the clip of barnyard animals farting on the Virgin Mary.

“There’s no plot,” Carter criticizes. “It’s just pop culture references I don’t understand. Make it stop.”

Mad Scientist Jr. tells them it was either this or making a human centipede. Clinton is the only one who gets the reference, which he finds preferable.

Robot Chicken Chipotle Miserables Robot Deer Raccoon Homeless Robohobo

Robot Chicken frees the Mad Scientist and they team up to save the presidents. Mad Scientist Jr. introduces them to his own animal cyborgs: an evil Robot Chicken named Dark Meat, a Robot Raccoon, a Robot Deer and a Robot Homeless Person (#RoboHobo).

“I lived too long,” Carter sighs.

Mad Scientist Jr is eventually defeated and takes his father’s place in the chair, though he’s notably still human. Perhaps he’ll become a cyborg in the season 8 opening. Or better yet, Robot Chicken will transform his wife Cluckerella, who writes him a Dear John letter on the back of a head shot photo.

Robot Chicken airs 11:30 PM Sunday on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network.

Robot Chicken Chipotle Miserables Mad Scientist Jr (son)