SNL sells fictional products Schweddy Balls and Colon Blow

The novelty store It’Sugar has licensed fictional products featured on Saturday Night Live and with 40 years of material there’s something for everyone.

Schweddy Balls are an unfortunately named treat by baker Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin).

“There’s no beating my balls,” he explained in an NPR interview with Delicious Dish hosts Margaret Jo McCullen (Ana Gasteyer) and Teri Rialto (Molly Shannon). “They’re made from a secret Schweddy family recipe. No one can resist my Schweddy balls.”

Schweddy Balls Christmas Ornaments

Colon Blow is a Total cereal parody starring Phil Hartman. The announcer reveals it would take 30 thousand bowls of his cereal to equal 1 bowl of Colon Blow or 2.5 million bowls to equal 1 bowl of new Super Colon Bowl, the latter of which is not for sale.

They also plan to offer Schmitt’s Gay Beer, which featured Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in a typical beer commercial except hunks magically appeared instead of chicks. The real version will be non-alcoholic.

There are even mints versions of drugs like Annuale, a period suppressant starring Tina Fey, and Balz-Off, a testosterone suppressant starring Kevin Nealon.

One product we probably won’t be seeing is the incredibly unsafe Jiffy Pop Airbag.