Starlet Tavi Gevinson makes Jimmy Fallon feel old on Tonight Show

Tavi Gevinson was positively glowing on the Tonight Show. Her youthfulness stirred up some strong emotions for host Jimmy Fallon. The 18-year-old actress recounted the awkward experience of receiving her high school diploma from her father after returning from rehearsals.

“It was very ‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day,” she explained.

Fallon said he “totally” knew what she talking about but the skeptical audience erupted into laughter.

“I know the song,” he insisted over the still laughing audience. “I don’t think I’m that old.”

He sang the chorus as proof he knows what the kids are listening to. Things just got worse from there as Gevinson seemed to go on a publicity tour for youth.

Gevinson started by showing off her new book Rookie Yearbook One, a print edition of her website written by and for teenage girls. The sticker and pennant filled book is clearly not for Fallon’s demographic.

The final nail in the coffin for the nearly middle-aged man was the actress talking about starring role in the play This is Our Youth, a coming of age story set in the 80s. When Fallon asked her if she knew anything about the decade, Gevinson drew a blank and said she was born in 1996. The age disparity made Fallon tear up and repeat the sentimental chorus. Just wait until he gets all those “Over the hill” cards for his 40th birthday on September 19.