The Strain introduces Quinlan the Vampire Vampire Hunter "For Services Rendered"

The Strain introduced a new vampire named Quinlan AKA The Born, who shares an uncannily similar origin to Blade from Marvel comics. He’s a half-vampire turned in utero when the Master fed on a pregnant woman. Just like his brother from another mother sucker, he hunts his own kind with extreme prejudice.

The Strain unveils the Master vampire

In “For Services Rendered” Quinlan leads a team of other hunters to put down an infected attorney, Joan Luss (Leslie Hope), who is about to feast on her own children as well as their nanny Neeva (Kim Roberts) and her daughter Sebastiane (Shailene Garnett). They’re wary of their vampire savior makes the same creepy noises as his hungry brethren. He retains some human aspects, though empathy isn’t apparently one of them. He acts concerned for their well being while inspecting them for injuries but doesn’t hesitate to use his stake gun on Sebastiane, who gets her brains splattered everywhere.

“Be quite,” he tells her wailing mother. “Do not touch her. She is corrupted.”

It’s later revealed his name actually Vaun (Stephen McHattie), a subordinate of Quinlan who debuts in season two after Vaun is killed.

The Strain airs Sunday 10 PM on FX.

The Strain Quinlan stake gun For Services Rendered