Z Nation trailer teases new zombie series on Syfy (zombie baby)

Syfy is attempting to take a bite out of the zombie craze with Z Nation, which will premiere one month ahead of The Walking Dead season 5. The 13-episode series is being produced by The Asylum, which brought us Sharknado and mockubusters like Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.

There years after the zombie outbreak, a possible cure is within reach. Rise of the Zombies‘s Keith Allan plays Murphy, who posses an immunity to the zombie virus. Murphy is transported to the last operational lab by Hammond played by Harold Perrineau (28 Weeks Later) and his subordinate Garnett played by Tom Everett Scott (Beauty & the Beast). Supernatural‘s DJ Qualls plays Citizen Z, a computer hacker who helps the team navigate their long journey from New York to California (read: multiple seasons).

The trailer ends with jump scare featuring a zombie baby. This might be a hint that the storyline will be similar to the comic and upcoming movie Y: The Last Man. Murphy’s immunity would make him a very eligible bachelor. On the other hand, it could be more like 28 Weeks Later. He might still be a carrier of the zombie virus, which would definitely affect his post-apocalyptic game. Our savior is also hiding a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all… so there’s that.

Z Nation premieres this September on Syfy.