American Dad Roger Passes the Bar Gay pool Steve Snot Toshi Barry

Fox has cancelled American Dad but it’s finishing up the show with 3 unaired episodes. The fun-size season premiered with 2 super gay episodes.

A registered sex offender named Charlotte moves in across from Smiths in “Roger Passes the Bar.” The woman informs Steve and his underage friends Toshi, Barry and Snot that she was convicted of having sex with boys but they don’t seem to mind.

“Where are you registered and what have you still not received?” Snot asks her.

She provides most of the sexual innuendo, which she uses to convince them to fix up her house for free.

“Do you boys know anyone willing to pick up a ho and just go to town? Charlotte, careful,” she stops herself.

They eagerly agree to do it for her.

“Okay, but it’s just work. Nothing else,” she insists. “Just you and your smooth hungry hands rooting around in my backyard.”

American Dad Roger Passes the Bar Gay pool Steve Snot Toshi Barry

They come up with a plan to tempt her into re-offending by cleaning her pool in speedos, borrowed from Snot’s bisexual uncle. They perform their sexiest moves including recreating Phoebe Cates’ iconic pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, complete with “Moving in Stereo” by The Cars.

Eventually they remodel the entire house. At which point, Charlotte reveals she’s actually a real estate agent and that she was just using them to flip the house for a quick profit. The woman insists she did, in fact, turn the boys into men by teaching to install drywall.

“We learned a lot that summer from Charlotte about what it meant to be a man and we carried that with us for the rest of our lives,” Steve says in voice over. “Snot joined the army, ended up marrying his commanding officer Lieutenant Randall Santan. Barry became a poet in residence at Ithaca College and started dating his male students. Toshi settled in the garden city of Kyoto where he works a male prostitute. As for me, super gay also.”

American Dad A Boy Named Michael Stan Roger ladder

Stan’s gay neighbors Greg and Terry adopt a child from Russia in the following episode “A Boy Named Michael.” Roger is embarrassed when he give the couple Spider-Man backpack, which is disappointing in comparison to the other lavish gifts. He blames the Smith family for bringing him down to their level. Roger decides to trade up and impersonate their adopted son, Michael. Stan climb in his window in the middle of the night and insists he’s not leaving without him

“Oh really?” Roger says. “Because from he you’re a grown man standing in a 10-year-old’s bedroom after bedtime.”

He screams out for his “babushkas” and tells them that the bad mad reminds him the orphanage caretaker, who touched the children with a rake. Terry lovingly embraces his son and takes a sympathetic tone… to remind him to cut back on the Russian accent, which isn’t sophisticated enough for their them.

American Dad A Boy Named Michael Stan Roger Mouth to mouth anal

Roger eventually learns that Terry isn’t as sophisticated as he pretends to be. Terry cheats on his organic diet by snacking on Ho Hos, which would have been funnier if they were Ding Dongs. Roger decides to get rid Terry but he has the same idea and pushes him off a boat. Fortunately, Stan followed them and gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which gets weird when Roger tries to stick his finger in Stan’s butt.

The freaky alien may have met his match when he falls for another extraterrestrial hairball (voiced by Kim Kardashian) in season finale “Blagsnarst, A Love Story,” which airs tonight at 9:30 on Fox.

American Dad season 12 premieres October 30 on TBS.