Fallon Kimmel and Conan on nude celebrity photo leak

The late night comedians all addressed the nude celebrity photos leaked by hackers over the weekend. Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien both joked that Kim Kardashian was upset her photos were released… early. In fact, Kim just posed nude for GQ. Jimmy Kimmel took a different approach and attempted to empathize with the celebrities. He gave a ridiculous analogy about sending pornographic Polaroids in a mail and fully expecting privacy from the well-known insecure service. Kimmel followed up the speech with a similar bit, in which evil Apple revealed its new business plan to blackmail you into buying every iPhone model or else have your nude selfies uploaded to grandma. Fallon asked other public figures what thought about the scandal. Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un, touted his new fax machine as a real sext machine. Conan actually managed to hack the hacker. He shared his personal photos, and be warned, once shared they can’t be unshared. Among the disturbing photos is a hairy naked man with a bullwhip. Of course, some of the photos were clearly fake. The host pointed out that the entrance for the show was visible in one photo.