Jimmy Fallon birthday: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Stevie Wonder

Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 40th birthday on the Tonight Show with special guests: Seth Rogen, James Franco and Stevie Wonder. Rogen and Franco jumped out a birthday cake naked! Rogen literally exploded all over the floor, firing off streamers. While Franco, dressed as a sexy cop stripper, tried to arrest the host. This was one of those birthday gifts that was also for the giver. The actors were there to promote their new movie The Interview (sneak peek below).

Stevie Wonder then serenaded the birthday boy with his iconic rendition of “Happy Birthday.” When Fallon interviewed the singer about his “Songs In The Key Of Life Performance” tour, Wonder insisted that he was just there to celebrate the occasion then laughed at everyone for believing him. To make it up to him, Wonder took a request to sing “Sir Duke.”

Otherwise it will be a typical birthday said Fallon in his monologue.

“This year I’m going to do what I do every year on my birthday: make a list of people who crossed me,” he said while coldly staring into the camera.