Kaley Cuoco spanked Anthony Anderson Jimmy Kimmel famous celebrity

Kaley Cuoco is extremely competitive she revealed on Jimmy Kimmy Live. Cuoco was “pissed” after losing to Anthony Anderson in “Name That Famous Celebrity” hosted by the intelligible Yehya, who describes celebrities to the blindfolded contestant. Anderson maintained a lead throughout the game. He even argued that Kaley should lose points for not saying Hulk Hogan’s full name.

“I am going to make an official ruling,” Kimmel said. “If you could see what Kaley was wearing right now you too would side with her.”

Kaley Cuoco spanked Anthony Anderson Jimmy Kimmel famous celebrity

The actress continued to play up her sex appeal. She celebrated another right answer with a sexy dance move, dipping then smacking her hip. Unfortunately, her blindfolded opponent was immune to her charms and won the game. Anderson then showed her up again by tipping Kimmel after she confessed her lack of tipping etiquette.

Kaley Cuoco nude photos Jimmy Kimmel
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Cuoco was one of the many celebrities hacked but her photos are tamed compared to the revealing outfit she was wearing. She didn’t initially believe the photos were real as she keeps track of all the fakes with a Google alert. After confirming their authenticity, she decided to get back at the hackers by uploading her own nude photo to Instagram. Cuoco used an app called nudify to blur a photo so that it appeared she was topless. The incident also allowed her to get some other things off her chest.

“So I sent an email out to my family — just so you know this happened. Blah, blah, blah…” she explained. “P.S. I’m not pregnant. P.S.S. I’m not getting a divorce. I was able to get everything out.”