Masters of Sex actress Allison Janney wont kiss lesbians Anna Faris

Conan O’Brien grilled Allison Janney about her affinity for kissing women including several lip locks with Anna Faris, who co-stars with the actress in the TV series Mom.

“I love my mom,” Faris tweeted along with a photo of them kissing.

Janney tweeted another photo of the women kissing while a live-tweeting during an episode. They got “caught up in the excitement” she explained.

Allison Janney Sandra Bullock kiss
Allison Janney and Sandra Bullock smooching backstage at the People Choice Awards.
“It’s sort of become my thing because I did it at one of the pre-Emmy parties,” she told Conan. “I ran into Cloris Leachman. I’m such a huge fan of hers and I never met her before. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I just went in to kiss her. We had kind of a huge make out session at this party.”

The audience erupted into cheers but Janney insisted it’s not sexual and she has very specific rules for keeping it that way.

“I’m not gonna do that with men who are married or women who are gay,” she explained. “I will only make out women who are straight and men who are gay.”

Conan immediately had an epiphany that he may be gay.

The actress was just as picky when negotiating her nudity contract for the HBO series Masters of Sex, in which she plays a sexually naive woman in a sham marriage to a gay man. She said her lawyers would stipulate body parts like left side boob but not right side boob, which piqued the interest of sidekick Andy Richter.

“I want to know what’s wrong with your right side boob now,” Andy joked.

Janey says her mother is understandably uncomfortable talking about the show and will change the subject to her daughter’s slightly less controversial role in Mom, the charming story of three generations of teenage moms.