Space Dandy video game warps An Other-Dimensional Tale Baby Dr Gel Bea 2D universe

The Space Dandy video game Super Space Galaga has made numerous appearance on the show. Meow (Joel McDonald) plays it on his phone when they’re not busy catching aliens, which is most of the time. But playtime is over on this week’s episode “An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby.”

Space Dandy video game An Other-Dimensional Tale Baby Catherine Tesseract starsPrince Paul warps his 2D universe into the 3D universe to chase after Dandy’s ex-girlfriend Catherine, a fourth dimensional being represented as a tesseract (4D cube) with a cartoon heart at the center. Anything that comes into contact with the 2D universe is absorbed including Dandy’s enemies Dr. Gel and his assistant Bea, who blast their way through the Galaga levels to reach the warp drive.

Paul folds up his two-dimensional universe so that Dandy can’t just fly over his defenses. The crew is stumped on what to do until the ditsy waitress Honey points out the obvious solution is to punch through the folds. Dandy actives a a giant pair of scissors that let him cut through to the center. Honey is disappointed when she discovers Paul is a blue rectangle with a crown.

Space Dandy video game An Other-Dimensional Tale Dr Gel Bea 1D universeUltimately, Dandy and his crew have no impact. It’s Dr. Gel and Bea that destroy the warp drive, which is powered by a 1D universe (a line). The one-dimensional universe consumes them. They are now represented as an audio visualization before being absorbed by warping 0D universe, which is simply a blinking dot.

Space Dandy video game An Other-Dimensional Tale Baby Catherine Tesseract

Catherine asks Dandy if he’s figure out the secret to warping to which he replies there’s no such thing as warping. Dandy explains that what they perceive as warping is actually shifting to a parallel universe. As a result, the current Dandy is not the one Catherine fell in love with but he help her anyway, which make her tear up. She finally reveals why chose Paul over him.

“You were able to figure out the secret to warping all by yourself, Dandy,” Catherine explains. “On the other hand, I knew Paul would be lost without me.”

So there you have it. Every time they warp it’s essentially a brand new show, which explains how it’s still going even though the main characters have all died multiple times. Plot hole filled.