Spider-Man Batman Superman to go back in time save Gwen
Talk about the ol’ Parker Luck. Peter lost his parents, uncle Ben and now his girlfriend Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Even the proportionate patience of a spider can’t stop him from doing something drastic in a new parody by How It Should Have Ended.

The distraught hero takes Batman hostage. He demands Superman fly around the planet and turn back time to save Gwen like he did for Lois in the Superman: The Movie. The world’s finest don’t seem very concerned. After all, Superman is fast than a speeding bullet and Batman is, well… Batman. Nevertheless, Supes gives in. Gwen is resurrected and announces they’re moving to London. There’s even a happy ending for Harry Osborn. Spider-Man graciously decides to give him a sample of his blood after Harry points out they’re supposed to be friends.

Superman travels back in time to save the Avengers