Teen Titans Go back in time... again (Baby Hands)

Teen Titans Go! revisits the past in this week’s episode “Baby Hands.” Robin reminisces about a time when the team actually respected him. A flashback shows Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy as they appeared in the 80s with big hair and all. He decides to return them to their former selves when Brother Blood erases their memories.

Teen Titans Baby Hands Robin

The Boy Wonder tells his impressionable teammates that he single-handedly formed teammates and he’s the leader because he used his awesome superpowers to rescue them. His plan backfires when they expect their fearless leader to take down Brother Blood. Robin jogs their memories by removing his gloves and revealing his baby hands, which they constantly mocked. The Titans defeat Brother Blood though Robin worries that things will go back to the way they used to be. His friends admit that they may not listen to him or show him respect him and make fun of him. Robin is disappointed when there’s no “but” to their speech.

This isn’t the first time the Teen Titans have gone back in time. The supervillain Mad Mod used a time machine to turn the team into previous incarnations of themselves in the DC Nation Short “Turn Back the Clock.”

Teen Titans Go! airs 6 PM Thursday on Cartoon Network.