Toonami vampire anime Hellsing Ultimate OVA Alucard Integra Walter Seras Pip

The undead are back! Proper vampires featured in FX series Strain, the upcoming movie Dracula Untold, and now the Hellsing Ultimate OVA on Toonami.

The Network will air all 10 hour-long episodes of the vampire anime, which will replace Black Lagoon so presumably they won’t be finishing of the series with the Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA.

Hellsing Ultimate is a retelling of the anime series that more closely follows the manga. The first vampire Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards) swears to serve the Hellsing family after he is defeated by Abraham Van Helsing 100 years ago. Alucard awakens once more when to serve his granddaughter, Sir Integra Hellsing.

“We are the monsters that protect England for the monsters,” Integra explains in the trailer.

The Hellsing organization also includes Walter C. Dornez, the family butler; Seras Victoria, a newly turned vampire cop; and Pip Bernadotte, a French mercenary and Victoria’s familiar.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA premieres 3 AM Sunday, September 14 on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network.
Video On Demand also available just in case you’re not a vampire and sleep at night.