American Dad TBS Blonde Ambition stripper Blond Hayley Roger

American Dad will premiere on TBS with “Blonde Ambition.” Coincidentally, the episode plot involves Stan and Steve looking for a new home for the Smith family. Meanwhile, Hayley attempts to save the world but no one pays attention so she dyes her hair blond. The attention leads her to start working at a strip club though it’s not the first time. She became a stripper to support herself after moving out in “Stan Knows Best.” In fact, Hayley only gave it up when she was booed off the stage after it was revealed Stan shaved her head.

The second episode “CIAPOW” features a different kind of stripping. Stan and his CIA buddies are strip searched after being captured on a mission. They’re held prisoner by a short Asian dictator not unlike North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

American Dad TBS CIAPOW North Korea Kim Jong-un Stan kidnapped

TBS has released several promos but they feature old clips in direct contradiction to the declaration of new episodes. The new season will be more “edgy” promises TBS. The network allows uncensored cursing on Conan though it’s unknown whether the prime-time cartoon will get the same leeway.

American Dad premieres Monday 9PM, October 20 on TBS.