Halloween commercials 2014 REDDS Wicked Apple Ale

Everything becomes scarier around Halloween even TV commercials. Here are some of this year’s best Halloween commercials featuring movie monsters, ghosts and other thing that go bump in the night.

Geico commercial:
A parody of a cliche horror movie where the characters make poor choices. A blonde suggests they get in the running car but her companions call her crazy and hide behind chainsaws instead.

Progressive commercial:
The insurance agents have a nightmare about Flo and a creepy ventriloquist dummy that is in the bed when they wake up. They’re scared of the competition’s deal instead of the doll.

Redd’s Wicked Apple Ale commercial:
Dracula bartends a monster party. The Wolf Man gets a Bloody Mary served at a perfect 98.6 degrees.

IKEA Singapore commercial:
The Shining parody with Danny riding his tricycle around the store eventually reach his parents dressed as the creepy twin ghost girls.

Chia Pet commercial:
Chia Zombie includes Lifeless Lisa, Creepy Holden, and Restless Arm. “Cha, Cha, Cha, Chia and then they shrivel and die,” explains the modified slogan.

Skittles commercial:
A boy gets stuck in a giant spider web trying to get some Skittles. A giant spider encourages his friend to help him. The extended web version reveals the outcome.

StubHub commercial:
A man in Halloween costume tries to scare the StubHub tree, which scares him back by revealing he eats little girls.

Cheetos commercial:
Chester Cheetah picks up a hitchhiker, who has skulls in his jacket. Fortunately, they’re just special shapes in the new Cheetos Bag of Bones snacks.

Dunkin’ Donuts commercial:
The Headless Horseman signals the return of pumpkin flavor.

Snickers commercial:
A woman appears to be possessed but she’s just hungry.

Subway commercial:
Health food at Subway helps keep woman in shape to wear sexy Halloween costumes.

Nissan Rogue commercial:
Car protects little boy from scary things he imagines like pirates, bears and a tree that comes to life.

Vonage commercial:
Farmer finds crashed space ship with alien that just wants to phone home.

eHarmony commercial:
Bad dating websites match users with a witch and a troll.