Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon runs rings around Kristen Stewart

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon loves almost all board games but there a few that fall flat. He warns which ones to avoid in a new segment called “Do not Game.” The list includes Titanic, Big Foot and the Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game complete with beat box. Roots’ MC Tariq Trotter AKA Black Thought gave it a go because apparently Mr. Ice was busy?

Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon elephant trunk board game

Fallon was particularly critical of the board game Ring Around the Nosy, which includes elephant masks used to pick up rings. The strategically placed long trunk reminded audiences member of something else but we all know he’s packing a small wand.

The children on the box looked less than happy to be playing the game pointed out Fallon. He tried to recreate the sad scene but looked more like a madman in some horror movie. He talked guest Kristen Stewart into playing a match and joked they should discuss her new movie with the masks on.

“The first person to get one ring on their nosy, winsy the gamesy,” giddily explained the big kid.

The host easily won causing Stewart to asked if he practiced ahead of time.