Plan 9 remake gets new trailer and distributor zombie

Plan 9 from Outer Space has been dubbed the “worst movie ever made.” Director Ed Wood seemed to have an aversion to doing multiple takes as seen in the hilarious biopic by Tim Burton. Director John Johnson, on the other hand, has been working for 5 years on a remake simply titled Plan 9.

“The film Ed Wood wished he had made,” reads the movie poster tagline.

Plan 9 retains the B-movie plot, in which aliens reanimate the recently dead to stop the Earth from building a Sun bomb that will destroy the universe. Johnson’s budget allowed for more than just 3 zombies but that’s all you really need when one of them was Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi! The remake has its own monster royalty by way of Addy Miller, who has the distinction of being the first walker killed by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on the AMC series The Walking Dead. The director channeled his inner Ed Wood and even managed to dig up Conrad Brooks, the last surviving star from the original movie. Brooks will play Miller’s grandfather, a new role created for the remake. Even existing characters will be switched up. Horror host Mr. Lobo will play real-life psychic The Amazing Criswell, who narrated the film as one of his predictions. Mr. Lobo will take a more active role in the movie but he payed homage to the original character with his own wild predictions in the online series Criswell Predicts!

Plan 9 been making the rounds at film festivals and was recently picked up by Spotlight Pictures. My own prediction is that it will be straight to DVD / Blu-ray and On Demand.

Plan 9 release date: TBA.

Plan 9 poster remake