The Ring 3 haunted by dead technology VCR Animation Domination High-Def

The Ring 3 will attempt to revive the horror series about a cursed video tape, which could be a problem according to a new parody by Animation Domination High-Def.

A man explains the urban legend to a frightened girl but the creepy atmosphere is ruined upon the realization that they can’t even play the VHS tape. It’s thrown in a trash can, which gives on new take on the mysterious ring that is actually formed by the well where Japanese ghost was killed.

While it may be a dead technology, the original Japanese franchise is still very much alive. The premise was never about VCRs. It was about a video going viral, which is more relevant than ever. The supernatural virus is spread through smartphones and computers in the latest sequels: Sadako 3D and Sadako 3D 2. The Ring 3 will presumably follow suit.