SNL host Bill Hader in teen movie parody The Group Hopper

Saturday Night Live parodies every modern-day teen movie trope in The Group Hopper.

“Adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of a Hunger Games trailer,” the movie trailer voice-over explains.

SNL host Bill Hader stars as an Effie Trinket knock-off, who wants to suppress the teens’ individuality like a typical adult. She orders them into groups like in the movie Divergent.

“You must obey me because I am your king or queen. We’ll figure it out,” says the androgynous leader of Grey World, a walled off city reminiscent of The Maze Runner.

Thehero (Pete Davidson) discovers his back tattoo actually reads “the hero.” Thehero just so happens to possess the legendary zoomerang, which he thought was just a necklace but… you know, twist!

Sasheer Zamata plays Thehero’s virgin baby mama. She reinforces his need to conform but then unrealistically changes her mind the instant he questions the status quo. Take that society!