SNL host Jim Carrey parodies Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial

Saturday Night Live host Jim Carrey broke out his Matthew McConaughey impression to drive home the ridiculousness of the Oscar-winning star making cameos in a series of Lincoln commercials, in which he rambles on about his love for the car. Carrey also reveals exactly what McConaughey is doing with his other hand while driving. It turns out he’s rolling a booger between his fingers.

SNL host Jim Carrey Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial Allstate Kenan Thompson

The skit continues throughout the show. The final installment stars Kenan Thompson as the Allstate guy, Dennis Haysbert. The spokesman is run over by a shirtless Carrey, who becomes enamored with the pronunciation of the word Lincoln.

If the commercial wasn’t already exhausted, it’s surely out of gas after this SNL parody.