Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank is frighteningly real Nick Santonastasso

It’s not unusual for movie monsters show up on Halloween but one Leatherface was a little too real for the victims of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank. The man in a cheap monster mask wasn’t particularly frightening but his human prop was. He appeared to carve up a live person hung from a meat hook. Just seeing the disemboweled man crawling on the floor was enough to send people running.

The bloody intestines were fashioned out of towels wrapped in latex and covered in gelatine. It took approximately 6 hours to create and attach them to actor Nick Santonastasso, who has no limbs except for his left arm. He suffers from Hanhart syndrome and yet considers himself blessed because he was born with healthy organs unlike most people with the condition. Santonastasso encourages others to follow his example and push themselves to do what they even if they get their butt kicked doing it. He cites his own experience as a high school wrestler, which made him mentally and physically stronger despite losing nearly all his matches. His optimistic attitude is what’s really scary.

Santonastasso has made the most natural talent to scare the hell out everyone including Norman Reedus, who plays the badass Daryl on The Walking Dead. The star nearly jumped out skin after a zombie prank featuring Santonastasso as a walker.