Two and a Half Men Halloween Walden Zombie Elvis Alan Duckie Ashton Kutcher Jon Cryer

Halloween is all about pretending to be someone else and this year Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer will play gay men in Two and a Half Men. Waldon (Kutcher) proposes to Alan (Cryer) in the Halloween episode “The Ol’ Mexican Spinach.”

The episode begins with the heterosexual men preparing for a Halloween party with a sexy cop and sexy a Harry Potter, who’s not so harry. Alan goes as Duckie from Pretty in Pink but is mistaken for Ferris Bueller. Waldon dresses up as zombie Elvis, who’s a hunk of rotting love. Their double date is cancelled when Ashton has a heart attack.

Two and a Half Men Aisha Tyler The Ol Mexican Spinach

The near death experience makes Waldon realize that he has no one to leave his fortune to except for his perpetual house guest. He makes an appointment with an adoption lawyer (Aisha Tyler) but then discovers that the system is “racist” against single men. The black woman assures him that it’s not racist. The courts prefer to put children with married couples she explains. Alan advises him to keep looking for that special someone.

“I don’t want to marry somebody just to marry somebody. It’s gotta be the right person or Mila Kunis,” Waldon says referring to Kutcher’s fiancée, whom he impulsively proposed when she made an appearance on the show.

Two and a Half Men gay marriage Walden proposes to Alan Ashton Kutcher Jon Cryer

Alan cheers him up with him some food and tells him that’s what friend are for but Waldon suggests that they could be more than friends.

“Like super friends?” Alan asks.

Waldon gets down on his knees to propose, which of course is interpreted as something sexual when the maid Berta (Conchata Ferrell) walks in on them.

Two and a Half Men gay wedding Walden and Alan Ashton Kutcher Jon Cryer Michael Bolton

It ends on a cliffhanger but obviously the gold digger says yes. The wedding will occur in the following episode “A Chic Bar In Ibiza,” which will feature Michael Bolton as the wedding singer. Bolton changes the lyrics of his romantic song from “When a man loves a woman” to “When a man loves another man.”

“Same sex marriage is such a cultural revelation and so I love that our characters celebrate that capacity,” said Kutcher.

Even if it is a shame marriage, it’s still a societal step up from the relatively noncontroversial lesbian relationships that have come out on shows like MTV’s Faking It and Fox’s Gotham.

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Two and a Half Men airs Thursday 8PM on CBS.