Guardians of the Galaxy gets super-sized parody

Guardians of the Galaxy plot holes get filled in a new parody by How It Should Have Ended. The 6-minute long video addresses everything from the improbable dance off scene to Yondu whistling armed guards to death without any of them taking the shot. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of how the Walkman batteries are still working after all this time.

If you thought the Howard the Duck cameo was good then check out the Collector’s latest acquisition: Admiral Ackbar! Of course Batman and Superman make their obligatory appearance. They question Star-Lord about his alien father but he’s literally not hearing it. He’s engrossed with modern music. The man out of time is amazed with how many songs can fit on iPod even though most of them are butt songs.

Groot is once again a scene stealer. Batman is threatened by his declaration “I am Groot.” He replies with his own catchphrases: “I’m Batman!” They go back-and-forth endlessly but honestly it’s not long enough. I like to think that the crabby crusader eventually warms up to the little guy and makes him Robin the botanical wonder.