John Oliver Last Week Tonight Home Depot Nick Offerman H. Jon Benjamin Sarah Baker

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has created a Home Depot commercial starring the very personable Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) in response to news that Lowe’s is currently testing robotic shopping assistants at an Orchard Supply Hardware store in midtown San Jose, California. The OSHbot can help you find what your looking for but it can’t diffuse arguments between couples.

“Robots can’t do that,” the host explained. “They don’t realize that home improvement stores are a lethal combination of everything that can ruin a relationship: spending money, reconciling tastes, long-term planning and florescent lighting.”

The commercial parody features H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers) as a clueless husband and Sarah Baker (Tammy) as his nagging wife. Offerman calmly injects himself into with their spats with a levelheadedness that only be attributed to his mustache, something no machine will ever have.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season finale airs Sunday 11:15PM on HBO.